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Why Webmasters?

Webmaster support is essential. Particularly wemasters of Boy Scout Troop websites (but help from any webmaster is welcomed and appreciated). A lot of people will see sites from all over the country, but they might not see this DTMB support page.

Duct Tape Merit Badge Support Banner
If you are a webmaster and you support the Duct Tape Merit Badge, kindlyplace this banner on your website and link it to this one (www.DTMB.gobot.com). Your efforts will be appreciated. I will also link to your site on this one in the "Supporter Links" Section. Be sure to e-mail me if you put this banner on our site so I know to add your link. My e-mail address is KRZ4DT@aol.com. Please put "Webmaster Support; DTMB" in the subject line.